Sprint Vector Grand Prix!


Do you love video games? How about money? Well do we have an offer for you! Outer Limits is so excited to announce our newest tournament, featuring a game all of the staff here loves, Sprint Vector! This high-energy game will pit you against several other intergalactic competitors in the galaxy-wide phenomenon known as the Sprint Vector Championship Intergalactica. Utilizing Survios’ Fluid Locomotion systems, you’ll be running, jumping, and flying your way to victory. And best of all is the $100 prize pool that goes to the winner of the tournament!



Entrants will be competing in groups of five to begin with. Each round will consist of three races. Scores will be handed out depending on what you placed in each race, with 1st place getting 10 points, 2nd place getting 8 points, and so on. At the end of the round, the top two players will proceed on. Winning players will move on to even groups of progression (8 players = 2 groups of 4) and participate in another three races. This will continue until there is only a single group left to determine the winner.



The Sprint Vector Grand Prix will be on Friday, March 30th, starting at 7 PM. Don’t be late! We will also be offering a special rate to anyone coming in to practice for the tournament until then! The special rate is as follows; $15 for 30 minutes on weekdays, $20 for 30 minutes on weekends. So come on in and take home that prize money (and bragging rights!)



*Entry fee will be $20 and will cover the entirety of the tournament, and include one complimentary bottle of water

*Entrants should be prepared for the tournament to run a little late.

*30 entrants total, so make sure you call or come in to pre-register and secure a spot in the tournament!

*All entrants must complete the Sprint Vector tutorial to ensure they’re aware of basic gameplay mechanics before they race (unless you’ve played before, in which case you’re good to go!).