November 12, 2017

Multiplayer VR

Multiplayer at Outer Limits

Games are better with friends! That’s why at Outer Limits Virtual Reality, we offer many ways in which you can enjoy your time with friends. Whether you’re an online gamer or a bigger fan of classic couch co-op, take a look below to see what we offer and how you can start your own multiplayer game! Whether you’re here with a friend or as a team building activity, Outer Limits has what you need.

Multi-Headset Experiences



Raw Data Arcade (Online, 1-2 players)

Raw Data is perfect for arena shooter enthusiasts! Run and gun your way through foes with incredible weapons such as the beam sword, bows and arrows, hand guns and more! However, the competition is extremely tough! Don’t let your guard down.

Raw Data has two online modes, competitive, and co-op

For co-op:

  1. Player one selects [2P] at the top of the menu
  2. Select “Host Game”.
  3. Player 2 selects [2P] and clicks “Find Match”
  4. Click start to begin! You can even challenge each other to a 1v1 duel!

For competitive:

  1. Click “multiplayer”
  2. Choose “Quick Game”
  3. When you are in the lobby, you can choose your character and weapons


Sprint Vector (1-8 players)

Brought to you by the makers of Raw Data, Sprint Vector is a fast-paced racing game. Run, jump, climb, and fly your way to victory in 12 awesome maps while an energetic playlist keeps you focused on your one goal, winning!

To start a multiplayer game in Sprint Vector:

  1. Click multiplayer races.
  2. One player will automatically start a server, the rest will (also automatically) join that server.
  3. After all players hit ready, the player hosting the server will hit “Start Race”.

Quivr (1-4 Players)

One of the best single player experiences on the market also offers a multiplayer option! You can defend your castle against the horde with your buddy in the setup next to you, or with players all around the world! The more players you have, the greater chances you have of success!

To start a multiplayer game in Quivr:

  1. Start the game
  2. When home base loads, press the menu button above the trackpad
  3. Click “Multiplayer” and then “Play with Friends”
  4. If your friend has already created a room, just click join! Otherwise, click “create room”
  5. When your friends have joined, you’re ready to play!

The “Quick Game” button will allow you to play with other Quivr heroes around the world! Click the grip buttons on the side of the Vive controller to communicate with other players. Good luck, and don’t let your gate fall!

Rec Room (1-4 Players)

Rec Room is incredibly diverse in what kind of games you can play! Do you want to travel to a faraway fantasy land with swords and bows and arrows? Or would you rather blast your way through an alien infested spaceship? Or how about a nice game of Tennis? Rec Room has the experience for you!

To start a multiplayer game in Rec Room:

  1. Start the game
  2. Look at the back of your hand (like a wristwatch!)
  3. Click “Custom Room” for a private game, or “Activities” for a public game
  4. The Purple checkbox makes your game private (only friends can join)
  5. Select your activity
  6. Raise watch again
  7. Select friends
  8. Click “Invite” on the friend you want to play with!
  9. Invited players simply check their watch and accept (or decline) the invite

There’s lots to see in Rec Room, and plenty of activities to enjoy with your friends! Bring a group and see if you can conquer The Rise of Jumbotron! You’ll need the help!

Climbey (1-5 Players)

Climbey is for the adrenaline junkies! You’ll have to climb walls, jump between platforms, and try not to fall! You can work together with your friends, or compete to see who can reach the end first!

To start a multiplayer game in Climbey:

  1. Walk up to the server browser in the main room
  2. Click “Create Private Session”
  3. Other players join the session from the left of the server browser
  4. The host selects the maps to be played
  5. Press the menu button (above the trackpad) to start the game
  6. Ready? GO!

You can either play the pre-built levels or you can select levels crafted by Climbey masters all around the world! Compete with yoru friends and see who can get the fastest times!



Modbox is the game that lets you make your own games. Several multiplayer games are included, spanning from wall climbing, to western shooters, to sci-fi levels with endless enemy waves.

Snow Fortress (1-2 Players)

California weather doesn’t lend itself very well to snow, but that doesn’t stop us at Outer Limits! Build and defend your fort and take down your friends! Snow fortress has a great head to head mode for the competitively oriented player and their friends.

To start a multiplayer game in Snow Fortress:

  1. Pick up the Multiplayer snowmen and place them on the table
  2. Pick up the “find friends” snowman and place it on the table
  3. Player 2 repeats the last two steps
  4. Player 2 clicks the check mark next to the room they want to join
  5. Both players pull the lever when they are ready to compete!
  6. Player 1 can adjust settings such as the amount of snowblocks and available weaponry
  7. Click “Done” to start the match!

Asynchronous Multiplayer

Want to have more fun in a single station? Outer Limits is here to provide! Try out our asynchronous multiplayer games and bring a whole group for tons of fun! Our current titles are as follows:

VR The Diner Duo

You are a chef in a diner and it is your job to cook the most delicious burgers possible! But how do you know what your customers want? This is where your (most) trusted friend comes in to help! Controller a waiter with WASD (or the arrow keys) it is their job to see what each customer wants to eat and drink. Communication, speed, and efficiency are the main skills required for this game. Can you satisfy all your customers?

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

WE HAVE A CRISIS SITUATION!! Only you and your friends can defuse the bomb! As the bomb defusal expert, it is up to YOU to defuse a deadly bomb within the time limit!

But… wait… you forgot the manual!! Luckily, you have your trustworthy(?) operator friend here to guide you through the process! Armed with nothing but the manual and your voices, you must communicate to each other exactly what the bomb looks like, so the operator can tell you how to defuse it! Be careful, you only have a few minutes, and three strikes before we all EXPLODE!!!

Tiltbrush: Tiltasaurus (Pictionary VR)

As seen on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Tilt Brush’s Tiltasaurus is the VR version of Pictionary. One person paints in VR, others guess the painting.

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