Raw Data – My Favorite Game!



Raw Data is my favorite VR game here at Outer Limits! It‘s a story-based shoot-em-up that blends together elements of many different genres. It’s got the sense of progression akin to a role-playing game, via obtaining skills for the four vastly different characters you can play. It’s a shooter, and so of course it has action packed missions with some subtle mechanics that really amp up the fun. It even borrows from tower defense games, since you can place and repair different turrets to defend the data core in most missions. Add optional co-op and PvP modes on top of that, and you’ve got a full package.

The Heroes 

The four protagonists you can choose between all have vastly different playstyles and mechanics. Bishop, a gun cleric and self-proclaimed “master of gun-fu”, totes dual pistols so that he can pelt enemies from afar. With quick reload speed, and some devastating charged shots, he’s a well-balanced character that is useful on any mission. Boss, the resident mercenary demolitionist, sports a heavy duty shotgun that’s got a grenade launcher attached. Couple that with his literal iron fists, and you’ve got a nice, balanced, medium-range hero. But if you want to go ultra-close range, look no further than Saija, the cyber ninja who wields her deadly flash blade and telekinetic ninjutsu to great effect. Last but not least is the assassin, Elder, whose Viper Bow can decimate enemies close range or far.




Tips & Tricks

Here’s five tips & tricks that I’ve learned from playing the game, that will help you on the way to gathering all that raw data!

  • Most character’s special ability can be activated by clicking the trigger on the non-dominant hand! For instance, Saija can activate her telekinetic powers this way, and throw drones around like they’re nothing. If Boss is holding his shotgun with both hands, he will shoot a grenade. When an arrow is currently being held, Elder can hold down the trigger to split the arrow into 5! 

  • Don’t forget to protect the core! Especially in the later missions, enemies will come from multiple directions, so always keep an eye out on that core. If it’s under attack, the game will tell you! Also, watch out for those pesky drones flying around in the sky, they can sometimes sneak over you while you’re battling others and start firing on the core. 

  • And on the topic of defending the core… utilize your turrets! By pressing the menu button on the dominant hand, you bring up an overlay where you can create, repair, or delete turrets (switching between these options by holding down the trackpad and moving your hand over one of them with the turret screen on). Don’t forget, you can only have so many turrets. The number is dependent upon what mission you’re playing. So no, you can’t just build a whole bunch of turrets to win without firing your weapon!

  • All heroes also have special abilities linked to a cooldown. Simply hold the trackpad on the dominant hand, and a couple of options appear near your hand. Hover your hand over one and let go of the trackpad to activate the special ability. Some, like Saija’s Levitation Smash, activate immediately. Others, like Elder’s Crystal Hazard, affect your next arrow shot. All heroes have some other form of special ability, not linked to a cooldown, at their disposal as well. For instance, if you hold down the triggers for Bishop’s pistols, you’ll do a charged shot. If you put them side-by-side, it will form an even stronger charged shot!

  • And last, but not least, don’t forget to bring a friend! Raw Data is a great game, but the best experiences I’ve had with it are with another ally helping me to defend the core. Some missions, I was genuinely curious if I would even be able to beat it solo! So come on down to Outer Limits Virtual Reality by yourself, or with a friend, and come smash some robots, and gather up all the Raw Data we need to take down Eden Corp!