QuiVr Vanguard Tournament

Another month, another tournament! This time, Outer Limits is partnering up with VAL to bring you some old-fashioned archery goodness. That’s right, QuiVr is the next tournament. Not just any QuiVr, they’re putting out an all new special build called Vanguard. Based on the old map in the beta, it’s described as a “bite sized intro to VR archery”. Don’t let that fool you, though, the waves might start out easy but as you continue playing they’ll get more and more dangerous!


QuiVr Vanguard, a new map/mode being released that’s described as a “bite sized intro to VR archery.” Don’t let that fool you though, the waves might start out easy but quickly grow more dangerous. 


November 21st – November 28th. You can submit your score any time during these days. 


Purchase playtime normally and let an employee know you’d like to submit a score for the QuiVr tournament. We’ll record your gameplay session and take a photo of you next to your high score for score-verifying purposes. 


Singles –  1st place takes home an HTC Vive Pro + Wireless Adapter, valued at a combined $1160.  

Doubles – 1st gets $500, 2nd gets $200, 3rd gets $100.