April 1, 2018

Parties & Private Events

This could be your party!

Host your next birthday, corporate event, or educational field trip here!

Why Outer Limits?

Outer Limits parties can be scaled to meet most any budget or group size! (3-50 participants) 

  • Our 2,300 sqft facility is filled to the brim with both the past and future of gaming experiences. 
  • 5 HTC Vive, 10’x10′ roomscale virtual reality stations with over 70 experiences to choose from.
  • Memory Lane – our 70ft long wall of gaming consoles from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Xbox One (currently 20+ consoles with many games to choose from).
  • Party Space – 2x6ft picnic tables. Plentiful counter space for food/drinks. 
  • Dedicated staff to monitor stations, instruct participants, and cycle participants on desired intervals. 
  • A collection of age appropriate board games for guests not participating in a VR experience. 
  • 30 minutes early access to facility for party decorations and 30 minutes after party for clean up. 

Here are the options for your next party or event: 

  • VR Stations – book virtual reality stations to play on for the duration of your event, but keep in mind it’s only 1 player at a time per station! 

  • Memory Lane Add-On – add our collection of game consoles (everything from Nintendo Entertainment System to Xbox One!) to play on! Either book individual access per person, or unlock access for the whole party! 
  • Party Space – if you’d like additional time to enjoy your cake, presents, and food you can rent our party space by itself at a flat rate of $25/hr. To recap, it’s our two 6 ft picnic tables with plentiful counter space for food and drink.
  • Whole House Party – get all 5 stations, all of memory lane, and enjoy the exclusivity of having it all to yourself! For this more private event, we’ll close down for your party so we can direct all of our attention towards you!

Food & Drink 

  • We want to make your party at Outer Limits as easy, fun, and affordable as possible for you, so we offer a selection of food options that you can choose from and our event coordinator will work those out with you: 
    • Catered Round Table Pizza – any number of single-topping extra large pizzas
    • Catered drinks – a variety of canned sodas, bottled water, and other specialty drinks that can be arranged with the coordinator for your event
    • Bring your own food (including plates, napkins, and tableware)
    • Bring your own non-alcoholic drinks (no open topped drinks allowed. Cans and bottles only to minimize spillage risk)


  • Special events can be accommodated almost any day and any time that does not conflict with an existing reservation
  • Call our main line at (707) 999-7679 or email us at info@outerlimits-vr.com and our event coordinator will get in touch with you ASAP!


  • All participants should fill out the Outer Limits Liability Waiver online prior to the event. Parents/guardians will have to fill out the waiver for participants under 18 years old.
  • All participants have to be a minimum of 48″ tall. 
  • Consider how you’d like to split time between participants. We recommend one big turn as opposed to many smaller turns, and a minimum of 15 of virtual reality per participant. 
Don’t forget to bring the cake!