Outer Limits After School!


The Outer Limits VR Team is excited to announce our official “Outer Limits After School Pack!”.

Come by anytime between 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri) to take advantage of our special after school pack: $20 for 30 minutes of VR AND 30 minutes of Memory Lane for 1 full hour of play time! You can double down on your time and get up to 1hr of VR + 1 hr of Memory Lane (2 full hours of play time!) for only $40! This weekday deal ends at 5:01 pm, so don’t be late! Remeber to book online to lock in your VR time after school, or you can just walk-in for first come first serve.

*All time must be used before 6pm on the day of purchase.
*This offer not valid on holidays, or days that school is “out” (as noted on our calendar).