King Kaiju – Monster Simulator!

Have you ever wanted to run around as a giant monster, stomping through a city and inflicting wanton destruction? Ever wanted to know what the game Rampage looked like in first person? Well look no further, King Kaiju is here! This game is an absolute blast to play. You start off in your egg, which is lovingly furnished, and pick your level by putting a miniature monster in the town you want to destroy. After that, starting the level is as easy as breaking out of your egg with a couple of punches! 


Once you’re in the city, there are some pretty easy objectives to follow. Destroy 150 buildings, surpass $290,000 in property damage, etc. But that isn’t important. What is important is stomping around, picking up cars and throwing them like they’re nothing, and knocking planes out of the sky. It’s absurdly fun and silly, appropriate for all ages, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone!

About Branden Barnett:

A passionate gamer and VR enthusiast, Branden tries to put as much excitement and energy into the everyday operation of Outer Limits as he can. He loves showing first-timers how amazing virtual reality is, and talking to the hardcore fans about upcoming games.

Born and raised in Vacaville, Branden has lived here all his life and has fond memories of gaming centers & arcades growing up. Working here, he hopes to bring everyone the same joy he felt going to places like this!