Beat Saber is one of our newest additions to our gaming catalog, and already one of our favorites. The concept is simple, hit the blocks in the right direction with the right color. Here to demonstrate this in action is our very own Joey!



Beat Saber was meant to be released once it was fully ready, but due to overwhelming positive feedback the company (Hyperbolic Magnetism) had to release an early access build. This early access build, however, has all of the mechanics in place for a satisfying and impressive experience already. By the end of the year, they hope to fully release the game with additions like missions/challenges for a single-player mode and a level editor for people to import their own custom songs.



The game appeals to both casual and more hardcore audiences with four different difficulty modes; easy, medium, hard, and expert. The jump between easy, medium, and hard isn’t very big, but the difficulty definitely leaps from hard to expert. And if the directional input is too much for the most casual audience, there is a “no arrows” mode available where you can hit the blocks in whatever direction you wish (you still have to match the colors though).



Beat Saber’s early access 10-song soundtrack features many synth heavy electronic songs, in different styles, from EDM artist Jaroslav Beck. From the more rock focused “Lvl Insane” to the more rap focused “Legend”, Beat Saber probably features atleast one song you’d appreciate.