Business Hours
Mon & Wed: 3:30 PM - 8 PM
Tues & Thur: Special Events
Friday: 3:30 pm - 7 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm - 8 pm
Sun: 12 pm - 7 pm

all for fun - fun for all!

With all the gaming tech from the past to the future, we have something for everyone to enjoy!

Virtual Reality

5 premium VR stations powered by HTC Vive headsets and high performance gaming PCs

Memory Lane

Atari, Nintendo, N64, Game Cube, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and More! You can play it all on Memory Lane!

B-DAY Parties

Reserve anywhere from 3 VR stations up to the ENTIRE FACILITY for a birthday party that is truly out of This WORLD!

Private events

There is no better way to bring a company team together or celebrate a holiday party than a private event at Outer Limits VR!

What is this place?

"Virtual Reality is the first step in a Grand Adventure into the Landscape of Imagination"
"It's out of this world!"

Outer Limits is the First and Only "Virtual Reality Experience Center" in the great city of Vacaville, California. The easiest way to explain is like a VR Arcade except a thousand times better!

We host the latest and greatest Virtual Reality experiences on the best tech in the business on top of our fleet of playable history of gaming consoles in our "Memory Lane".

Guests can rent VR time starting at $1/min and scaling down to $45/hr.

Memory Lane usage is only $10/hr and you can play any of our 15+ different consoles!

  • 1) Reserve a VR station

    Online, over the phone, or just walk in during regular hours.

  • 2) fill out the waiver
  • 3) Show up!

    Preferably 10 min before your reserved time so we can get you started right on time!


    Lose yourself in any of nearly 100 different fully immersive virtual worlds! Just remember, the best experiences are shared!

Meet the family

It is our pleasure to share our love and passion for VR with you!
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Founder / CEO
With a love for VR ever since the release of Hackers in 1995, Joshua has taken it upon himself to bring Virtual Reality to the masses. Super Powers: Positivity & Sleeping
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Site Manager
Joey is our resident high energy, rock star! He has the most infectious level of energy and excitement that you have ever experienced!
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Team Member
With a penchant for social media, many of our posts can be attributed to Crystal’s handiwork. She’s also a beast at Fortnite!
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Chief Creative Officer
Gene is our resident master of all things Art, Creative, and VR development related! That Awesome sparkling Outer Limits VR logo on the lobby wall? Yeah, he did that.


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